IQ is the most comprehensive CRM in government offices and its users are often surprised by its capabilities.  Here are few examples of IQ capabilities that our customers appreciate using to streamline their work. 

I didn't know I could insert macros in my IQ correspondence!

"That's right!  Macros (sometimes called fill-ins) can be used all around the platform to personalize data points so they're specific to the individual.  You can use macros in newsletters, casework correspondence and even postal mail correspondence!"  - Mohammad Ghaznavi

Form Letter Workshop

I didn't know IQ could do A/B testing with my newsletter!

"Correct!  IQ is the only CRM on the Hill with true outbound email automation.  A/B testing lets you create two different versions of the same eNewsletter and then test them for a period of time with a subsection of your audience.  IQ then determines which eNewsletter performs better and then sends the better version to the rest of your audience!"  -Trinh Nguyen

A/B Tests Workshop          A/B Tests Reference Guide

I didn't know IQ could be configured to automatically send email responses!

"Yep!  Some quick settings adjustments allow you to set up your system to send automated email responses to inbound messages based on topic or common language in the incoming email.  Big time saver!" - David Allen

Campaign Workshop     Campaign Auto Response Rules Guide 

I didn't know I could send letters from IQ using my own "from" address!

Right!  Sometimes it makes more sense to send correspondence out of IQ using your personal email address as the sender rather than a generic office account.  IQ makes it easy to toggle between "from" accounts, allowing you to add an extra layer of personalization as needed."  - Zara Azizian

Messages Course

I didn't know I could track the financial savings my office has provided the district through our work!

"You sure can!  There's a built-in report in IQ that shows you approximate dollar amounts you and your staff have saved constituents through your casework.  It's a great way to show the tangible, financial impact of your hard work." - Mark Fritter

Casework Course     Casework Reference Guide 

I didn't know IQ could automatically send reports to my inbox!

"Yes, our clients love this!  IQ can easily be configured to send you both custom and standard reports on a recurring basis of your choosing.  This makes it easy to stay on top of what's going on in your office and provide extra value to the boss without having to manually pull the reports every time."  - Alex Flynn

Reports Workshop

I didn't know we could have Form Letters approved within IQ!

"Yes, IQ allows teams to route Form Letters internally for approval, eliminating extra email and helping solve version control issues.  Offices love this feature!"  -Jerry Callaghan

Form Letters Approval Workshop   

 Form Letter Approval Reference Guide

I didn't know IQ could send faxes!

"Yup! IQ has the capability to faxes messages to your constituents within its Messages module. IQ facilitates the process to send correspondence and create new contact record in IQ using a House Outlook Exchange Server." - Jonathan Kilgore

Sending Faxes from IQ Reference Guide